Webinar - Analytics in Day-to-Day Ad Ops

By Trish Manrique |
March 14, 2019

Topics: analytics, adops, webinar


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Ad Ops is constantly evolving—the industry isn’t what it was a year or even two years ago. Big data is a large driver of this evolution with its increasingly important role in the latest technologies available. Ad ops professionals are now responsible for overseeing data and providing insight into measuring ad effectiveness and recommending strategies for ad optimizations. Data has become vital to Ad Ops.

The power of analytics enables us to make smart business decisions, have far more efficient operations, and see happy publishers. In this webinar, Lila Hunt, Head of Publishing Solutions at Sortable and James Murphy, VP of Monetization at TextNow discuss why using deeper analytics is critical to maximizing earnings, which metrics to watch and why, and looking at real examples. 

If you're interested in learning about Sortable Analytics or any slides in this presentation, please contact us at Sortable.

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