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December 31, 1969

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Feb 23 2017

Stats Show Viewability Outlook Still Unclear

We've taken a look at our desktop and mobile ad units network-wide to help our customers improve and understand their viewability performance. Here is what data we’ve found, and how you can use what we've learned:

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Oct 13 2015

See and Be Seen: Tips and Tricks to Improving Ad Visibility

Ad visibility is still a key concern for many brands and publishers. But banner ads have a bad rep: being inexpensive to produce (and often sell) publishers load up pages, and years of bad advertising has created wide-spread banner blindness among consumers. One study by Infolinks found that upwards of 86% of advertising on a given webpage is ignored. This is problematic for all parties. For brands, not only is it difficult to measure the effectiveness of advertising when it isn't internalized by the end user (how do you ask whether an ad resonated if the person doesn't remember seeing the ad?), but it also means their ad dollars are seemingly being wasted online, with campaigns struggling to result in sales or conversions. For publishers, this devalues the real estate on a webpage: less effective media commands less in revenue.

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