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December 31, 1969

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Apr 02 2019

Top tips for optimizing your ad sizes in 2019

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Your website may look fantastic with a 970x250 banner ad, but it may not be the best size for monetization. Optimizing ad unit sizes based on advertising demand can be a quick and easy way to increase yield.

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Nov 29 2018

Five Ways to Increase CPMs

At Sortable, our Customer Success teams spend a big chunk of their time looking for ways to optimize our publishers' performance, which often comes down to trying to drive up programmatic CPMs. If you're just starting out on your journey of increasing CPMs, we've travelled this road before. We've developed a map of sorts, and come up with several reliable strategies to increase your CPMs. And we want to share them with you, because your success is our success.

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Nov 10 2017

Just Keep Swimming: Maintaining Momentum With Your Content

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Have you ever thought of a website as a shark? Some species of sharks — like the salmon shark and the great white shark — need to keep swimming in order to breathe. And while a website may be made up of lines of code and content, it also needs to keep moving forward to survive. To build and maintain sustainability, publishers need to generate revenue and adapt to changes and trends in the marketplace. You can generate revenue by monetizing your site, but then how do you maintain momentum? How do you not only maintain, but increase, your operations?

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