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December 31, 1969

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Jun 05 2019

Ad Refresh, Reconsidered

There are a lot of tools and techniques that web publishers can use to maximize ad revenue such as A/B testing, header bidding, lazy loading ads. A commonly used technique is ad refresh. This strategy refreshes ads which can increase the number of ads shown to the user, which in turn should produce higher revenue-per-session for the publisher. Ad refresh is especially beneficial for sites with engaged users, such as those that spend longer times on pages.

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Aug 18 2016

Ad Refresh and Its Effects on CPMs

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  • Refreshing an ad placement 1 time reduces CPM by almost 10% (CPM = cost per thousand impressions)
  • Refreshing an ad placement 5 times reduces CPM by 25%
  • Using refresh increases revenue-per-page for long page view times
  • Using refresh could decrease site performance
  • Using refresh could increase data usage
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