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December 31, 1969

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Nov 22 2016

The Spectrum of Publisher Ad Stacks

One of the benefits of working with a large number of publishers is that we’re able to gain a deep understanding of their unique needs. As we’ve learned more about how publishers set up their ad stacks, we’ve realized that there are a lot of points that we cover over and over again.

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Nov 04 2016

RTB Explained: How Ad Tech Learned From Big Finance

The computerization of the finance industry began in the 1970s when they began to use computers to efficiently route orders through the exchanges. Realizing the utility of these machines, they added tasks and responsibilities to these automated systems in order to speed up processes that were traditionally completed by humans.

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Apr 28 2016

13 Google AdSense Alternatives

As a publisher, you probably think a lot about optimizing and improving both your advertising operations and the revenue that you generate from ads. It might keep you up at night, pouring over CPM data and trying to do side-by-side comparisons of different advertising options.

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Dec 11 2015

Ad Mediation: Bridging the Gap Between Publishers and Demand Partners

Ad mediation is a hot topic in ad operations these days, and is being touted as the next big thing for maximizing revenue. Publishers have several options when it comes to partnering with a vendor to help fill their inventory, but not all mediators are created equal. Some (like Sortable) are better than others.

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Oct 29 2015

Ad Ops Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

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Halloween has traditionally been the scariest day of the year. Skeletons, ghosts, goblins and witches roam the streets, creating mischief and chaos. While we’re grateful that we only have Halloween once a year, many ad ops professionals run into different kinds of demons every day. Ad blockers, ad networks, and low CPMs haunt ad ops folks all year round. But ad ops doesn’t have to be scary. Sortable can help you manage the things that keep you up at night. Except the monster under your bed - we can’t help with that.

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