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December 31, 1969

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Jan 07 2016

Header Bidding Trial by Fire: How 6 Popular Header Bidders Perform

As publishers, we must monetize, and those of us who aren’t in a monopoly position à la Google or Facebook are at the mercy of a fragmented and messy, but necessary, adtech ecosystem. It’s how thousands of us make money and it certainly has its problems and frustrations.

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Jun 09 2015

State of the Ad Blocking Nation

An estimated 200 million people worldwide are using an adblocker every day. In Germany several media companies tried twice last month to sue Eyeo, the creator of AdBlock Plus, failing both times.  The courts made the right call, the industry has no one but itself to blame, so where do we go from here?

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Jun 02 2015

A Pot of Fool's Gold, the Anatomy of a Click Bomb

Early in the afternoon on April 19, we checked our dashboard to see how we performed over the weekend. Earlier that week, we had made a change to our system and I was eager to see the results.

eCPM were up nearly 5800% from the previous’ week’s, so either the golden goose had set up roost on our sites or something was amiss.

While it’s possible the change to our system had struck gold, it quickly became apparent we weren’t the only ones experiencing unusual AdSense behaviour – we were, it turns out, in the middle of a click bomb.

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